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Fluxana VANEOX 40t Automatic Press

The VANEOX ® series from FLUXANA consists of four modern presses to assure consistent sample preparation for XRF measurements.
The optimum model for your application is selected on pressure (15t to 40t) and the level of automation.

The automatic press is able to store 10 different application programs and the relevant parameters are provided on the integrated touch display. With the Vaneox 40 T It is also possible to create a program in ramping mode. This can be used for special applications to stabilize on different pressure settings before reaching the final pressure. The integrated customer specific pressing die simplifies the removal of the pressed pellet and therefore optimizes the workflow by reducing working steps.

Dies for all common applications can be used and are also available for all instruments for example:

• NEW: Touch Display
• NEW: Removeable drawer for easy cleaning of the pressing room
• First bench top unit worldwide
• Integrated die for all common preparation techniques e.g.
• 32mm
• 40mm
• 40/32mm rings
• 51,5/35mm rings
• also customer specific diameters with or without ring possible.
• 10 different application programs
• 3 ramping steps programmable
• Press chamber lightening


Vaneox 40t Automatic press

Max pressure 40t
Pressure display Electronic display
Piston 100 mm
Voltage 230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 340x490x550 mm
Weight 120 kg

Comparison of Press Models:

  PR-15           PR-25T   PR-25N   PR-25A   PR-40  
max. pressure 15 t 25 t 25 t 25 t 40 t
handling manual manual manual electrical electrical
die extra extra extra extra integrated
stroke 16mm 30mm 16mm 30mm 60mm
pressed pellet 32mm yes yes yes yes yes
pressed pellet 40mm yes yes yes yes yes
pressed pellet in ring yes yes yes yes yes
other diameters yes yes yes yes yes
different diameters   yes yes yes yes yes
programable - - - - yes
programs - - - - 10


Vaneox Presses

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