About AddspeX

A world of products for Combustion Elemental Analysers

Addspex, as a representative of the UK based company Elemental MicroAnalysis is fully accredited to ISO9001 and ISO17025. They offer tin and silver capsules, specialist reagents, quartz and glassware, ceramic and graphite crucibles and much more – everything you need for the daily operation of your analyser.

Available is a huge product range – thousands of products covering organic elemental analysis and inorganic elemental analysis, whatever your instrument or model(Leco®, Thermo®, Perkin Elmer®, Sercon®, Exeter®, Eltra®, Horiba®, EuroVector®, Costech®, Shimadzu®, Antek®, VELP®, Gerhardt®) we can supply your needs from our extensive stocks.

Would you like to reduce the costs of your elemental analysis? We promise you a very competitive quotation if you let us know your needs.
Please fill in the form and we let you know as soon as possible.

Please use this contact form if you are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Luxembourg.
All other countries:
For Rigaku: use this link
For Thermo Fisher: use this link

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