Rigaku AZX 400

The Wavelength-Dispersive (WD) XRF technique enables elemental analysis (composition and film thickness) with high energy resolution. The Rigaku AZX 400 is a sequential WDXRF spectrometer specifically designed to handle very large and/or heavy samples. Accepting samples up to 400mm diameter, 50mm thick, and 30kg mass, the AZX 400 is ideal for analyzing sputtering targets, magnetic disks, or for multilayer film metrology on Si wafers. The AZX 400 is an ideal R&D system offering the widest range of analytical flexibility covering the element range from Be to U with spot sizes down to 0.5mm diameter for spatially resolved (uniformity) measurements. The optional video camera and lighting system enables the specific measuring point to be viewed for QC or FA applications. The optional wafer autoloader enables handling of multiple wafers from a 300mm FOUP or 200mm open cassette.

• Large sample analysis up to 400 mm (diameter), 50 mm (thickness), 30 kg (mass)
• Flexible sample adapter system with inserts (made to order)
• Measurement spot 30 mm - 0.5 mm diameter with 5-step automatic selection
• Mapping capability allows uniformity to be checked
• General purpose: able to analyze Be to U by high-resolution, high-accuracy WDXRF
• Wide range of composition (ppm to tens of percent) and thickness (sub Å to mm)
• Software guides the user through measurement and analysis setup
• Available SEMI S2 and S8 compliance and CE marking
• Small footprint: 50% footprint of the previous model

AZX 400

Sequential WDXRF spectrometer
Film thickness and composition measurements on large and heavy samples, wafers, and media disks

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AZX-400 Applications

• Sputtering target composition
• Isolation films: SiO2, BPSG, PSG, AsSG, Si₃N₄, SiOF, SiON, etc.
• High-k and ferro-dielectric films: PZT, BST, SBT, Ta₂O₅, HfSiOx
• Metal films: Al-Cu-Si, W, TiW, Co, TiN, TaN, Ta-Al, Ir, Pt, Ru, Au, Ni, etc.
• Electrode films: doped poly-Si (dopant: B, N, O, P, As), amorphous-Si, WSix, Pt, etc.
• Other doped films (As, P), trapped inert gas (Ne, Ar, Kr, etc.), C (DLC)
• Ferroelectric thin films, FRAM, MRAM, GMR, TMR; PCM, GST, GeTe
• Solder bump composition: SnAg, SnAgCuNi
• MEMS: thickness and composition of ZnO, AlN, PZT
• SAW device process: thickness and composition of AlN, ZnO, ZnS, SiO2 (piezo film); Al, AlCu, AlSc, AlTi (electrode film)

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